Shipping & Dispatch

The Ulster Fry Shap is now fully stocked and our pre-order period is over. 

All packages will use the latest in brown envelope technology and be hand-delivered by a crack team of parcel delivery experts who will track you down based on the address written on the front of it. (It's all very technical)

We have absolutely no idea of demand for these yokes and we're not Topshop, so if you folk keep ordering we'll keep making them - and hopefully it'll all be grand and no-one will lose an eye.  

All our tees are screen-printed and heat-sealed onto high-quality Gildan brand shirts and not thon Fruit of the Loom ones... which are grand too tbh - but apparently everyone is still bitter about all the NI job losses years ago, so we'll not rub it in.

No children are involved in the production or dispatch of Ulster Fry merchandise although Billy sometimes likes to lick the envelopes even though they are self-adhesive.  It does taste lovely to be fair. 

Countries we ship to...

We currently ship to all 'local' countries (UK, NI, Republic of Ireland), most of the main European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria) and a handful of big 'far away' places like USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

What if a country isn't on the list?

We realise that Norn Iron folk could turn up anywhere, so if you live in a random country the likes of which we only hear mentioned during Eurovision Song Contest, drop us an email and we'll add it to the list so you can buy stuff. We just got bored adding countries tbh. Seamus seems to think Dubai/UAE should be on the list cos everyone out there is loaded. 

Example Shipping Costs (T-Shirts)

NI & UK : £3.00
Rep of Ireland & Europe : £4.75
International : £5.75

Additional items are shipped at a per unit cost which differs for each shipping zone and per product. This is due to how Royal Mail classify 'small packets' and 'parcels'.  

If you have any other questions, get in touch using the contact yoke below and ask us stuff. We're dead sound.