The Ulster Fry Book (Signed)


Image of The Ulster Fry Book (Signed)

After two years of filling the internet with nonsense, The Ulster Fry is finally making its debut in print and is now available in a big colourful glossy book yoke that you can hold in your hands, spill tay on, take to the bog, get dog-eared and leave at your arse.

This 'Best Of' anthology is jam packed with our best content, most popular stories and iconic images since our launch nearly 2 years ago. Basically it's class and you should buy a copy for everyone you know as a Christmas present, including yourself.

Any of these exclusive copies bought before Christmas will be co-signed by both Billy and Seamus. (Unless you don't want em signed, in which case, let us know in the notes and we won't, ya weirdo!)

BTW - If you are in some corner of the world we don't currently ship to just message us and we'll add it for you. This shop thingy is a pain in the hole, but it does the job.