The Ulster Fry (2016 - Author Signed - Limited Edition)


Image of The Ulster Fry  (2016 - Author Signed - Limited Edition)

After two years of filling the internet with nonsense, The Ulster Fry finally made it's print debut 2016 and became available in a big colourful glossy book yoke that you could spill tay on, take to the bog and leave at your arse. This 'Best Of' anthology is jam packed with our best content from our first our two years online (2014-2016).

Yup. We now hold the last few dozen copies of this book available anywhere in stock... and since our publisher told us it would cost 'a clean fortune' to get more made, when these yokes go, that'll be that. (Yup, collectors item!)

Accordingly we've stuck the price back up to full whack and bogged the arm in.... because in the immortal words of all them gud wans on thon TV ads... we're worth it.